Late last Friday afternoon, the Council published the “Money Matters Report” for consideration at Cabinet this coming Thursday.  UNISON has previously warned that it was expecting the Council to start attacks on Terms and Conditions and now their intentions are clear.

The County Council intends to save over £1m by ceasing to pay the Foundation Living Wage (FLW). The timing of this couldn’t be more cruel given this week sees the announcement of the annual increase in the FLW.

This is a shocking and insulting attack on the lowest paid staff who work for the Council.  By the Council’s own admission the proposal will adversely impact on employees who are part time and a disproportionate number are female.

The Council also want to achieve at least £5m by reviewing staff terms and conditions across the County Council and if agreement can’t be achieved they will dismiss and re-engage staff (i.e. impose the new terms and conditions by sacking staff and offering a new contract with the new terms and conditions).

At a time when hard working staff have suffered years of pay restraint whilst juggling higher workloads with reduced resources, the Council thinks that the right thing to do is punish its workforce.  UNISON does not think this is fair and we believe that members do not think it’s fair either.

Specific details of the cuts to terms and conditions are not known at the moment, however unions will meet with the employer this coming Wednesday and we will seek further detail.

The Branch will be organising member meetings across the County in due course and you should keep an eye out for further information.

Members are asked to seriously consider becoming more active in UNISON by becoming a workplace Rep or contact.

Elaine Cotterell

Branch Secretary

Lancashire UNISON

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